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Sprung Ceramic Clutch Kit /-1B

The sprung ceramic range has been developed to suit applications such as high speed 4×4 trial or desert racing applications where the kit rquires exceptionally high heat capacity and torque capacity. The kits have an approximately 15-40% increase in clamping force depending on the specific vehicle and are the trusted choise for drivers in various off-road endurance rallies around the world. The discs have a sprung hub to reduce the effects of shock loading.

Cushioned Ceramic Clutch Kit /-1C

Cushioned ceramic friction discs are similar to the sprung ceramic kits in that they have a sprung hub to absorb shock loading, but also have a small amount of cushioning betwene the two friction surfaces on the disc giving them better pedal modulation. These kits are designed for low speed trial where pedal feel is important but where the high temperature capacity of a ceramic disc is also beneficial.

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Off-Road Rescue Team

Fully equipped 4x4 ambulances providing Emergency Medical Services (EMS) during offroad rallies, either extreme trophies or cross country, being very heavy and loaded up to the limits of the vehicle. Only Xtreme Outback Clutches proved to be strong enough to cope with our needs and truly reliable. These are the only products we trust and recommend to all professionals.

MTB Medica


Find the right fit to your needs from our 2200 performance clutch kits in both single and multi-plate formats. Xtreme can cater for the needs of high horsepower street, drag, drift and race applications.

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All the Xtreme Clutch products have been designed and developed in-house using state of the art CAD software and testing machinery. This results in a clutch that exceeds application requirements for performance, wear and driveability in the long term.

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